Sunday 9 October 2011

Surrey Cross Country div 3- Lightwater

Ran my first cross country match since school yesterday and it was great fun.  5 miles or so around Lightwater park with some brilliant hills (both ups and downs) and some really fast runners to contend with.  The pace was fast from the gun and really bunched up across the first mile or so, the field spread after that a bit but there was still a lot of overtaking and being passed as well across the whole race.  I felt relative sluggish on the first lap but warmed up a bit on the second and manged to pass several of the folks who overtook me on lap 1.  It was good fun just to go all out, up and down the hills and not have to worry about running another 20 or so miles- although in a fortnight's time at Greensands I'll have to remember to pace myself a bit!  Results aren't up yet but my time was a respectable 33 minutes or so, although with the quality of runners there I was quite far back in the field. 

I really don't know why people bother to race on the road!

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