Sunday 25 September 2011

Preparing for Greensands...

Best of the Carshalton area hills over 20 miles
With the Greensands Marathon in mind I've been working as many hills as possible into my runs.  Whilst the Carshalton area is far from mountainous there's a few good hills around.  On Thursday I took advantage of all the roads which go up onto Banstead road for an 8 mile run with 800ft of height gain and loss, and today I did a bit of a 'best of local hills' for my long run.  Banstead road, Oaks Park, Chipstead road, Banstead Woods and the hills down into Coulsdon all got run;  20 miles with a relentless selection of hills and over 2,000 ft of height gain across the route. Good training, however the only problem is Greeensands has 5,200 ft ( a vertical mile!) to contend with so there needs to be a bit more hill training needed before the day!

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