Monday 14 May 2012

Sutton 10k

It was a rare sunny day as several hundred runners gathered in Beddington park for the Sutton Runners 10k.  It's 3 laps on a road and tarmaced path and it's flat as a pancake so PB territory for sure. 

Despite recent improvements in my pacing I set off way too fast.  I hit the 5k mark in 19:00.  If the fact this is around my best time for 5k didn't tell me I'd set off to fast the stitch and general feeling of sickness really made the point!  However I realised if I could run 4 min kilometres for the rest of the race I'd get an acceptable time and knock 30 seconds off my best time for the distance.  So that's what I did, just settled in and took each kilometre marker as it came, and I just about did it. I crossed the line in 39:04.  I wouldn't say I enjoyed my self, but I kept going at got the time I was after- so in retrospect at least, I'm a happy runner.

Great organisation by Sutton runners, maybe not the worlds most exciting course but if you want fast and flat you can't go too wrong at the Sutton Runners 10k.

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