Monday 22 April 2013

"Back on the beers son"

So far recover post SDW50 has been easy- I'm one week in to a two week rest.  I know it's the right thing to do, ever since the first cross country race of the year at Lloyd Park I've had a few niggles so after racing 50 miles I need a rest.  The main one I'm worried about is in my left knee- it hurt quite a bit a few times on the South Downs but strangely not at all in the last 15 miles.  I'm hoping it's nothing too serious.  The plans to take another week off, maybe breaking the rest with a trip to the Cheltenham parkrun when I'm up there visiting some friends next weekend.

Over the weekend I started a new home brew- this time going for a stronger beer- Brewferm's Oranje Bock which should come out at 6% of dark Dutch beer.  It's currently bubbling a way in the corner very nicely.

Speaking of stronger beers I had a few pints of Thornbridge's Jaipur IPA at the weekend.  I've had it once before but too far in the to the evening to properly enjoy it.  It's got a hefty what of hops but is at the same time still really drinkable- maybe a bit too drinkable for 5.9%!

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