Sunday 16 June 2013

13 race reports

27 April: Cheltenham Parkrun

Still feeling the effects of SDW50 ran this three lap parkrun in Cheltenham in 20:31; had to walk park of the mile back to my friends house.

11 May: Roundshaw Parkrun

Good to be back at Roundshaw; 20:33.

18 May: Roundshaw Parkrun

Aiming for sub 20; 3 seconds off.

25 May: Roundshaw Parkrun

Travellers in the park so running the B course- 18 seconds off sub 20.

1 June: Roundshaw Parkrun


8 June: Roundshaw Parkrun

Felt awful: 19:59

Tour of Epsom- day 1

Just over 5k round Horton Park to start the week, 15th

Tour of Epsom- day 2

Disaster- missed the start! Lost about 1 minute 40.

Tour of Epsom- day 3

Cross country fun round Hogsmill Open Space- made up some time!

Tour of Epsom- day 4

Time trial- must of been shorter than the advertised 3 miles as ran 16:03.

Tour of Epsom- day 5.

Final attempt to claw some time back from the missed start on day 2.  Finished 17th in the final table- great week, great race!

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