Wednesday 18 May 2011

Week ending 15 May 2011

Tuesday: 10 x 3 mins fast with 1 min rests + 4 x strides

Thursday: 5k jog, 5k race (19:25), 5k jog home

Saturday: 18.5 miles (2hrs37min)

Saturdays long run was a good off road trip from Carshalton to the North Downs way taking in the Downlands circular walk and 1800+ft of height gain.  Navigation was via a hand drawn map and my new Camelbak xcr worked out pretty well. It was good to get out on to the trails and find some new places to run. Felt pretty shoddy at the end though as I hadn't eaten too much before I set out and it was 8ish when I got back- definitely time for dinner.

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