Sunday 29 May 2011

Denbies 10- top 10!

Had a great day over in Denbies for the Events to Live 10 miler.  Last year I set off too fast and paid for it during the second half so I was determined to run my own race this year.

At the top of the first climb I was 6th and felt good, having resisted the urge to keep up with the top 5, that became 7th along the section on the North Downs Way, but with no one in view behind me I let him go.  After a fast quick dissent into Wotton I was still 7th at half way but could see a group of 3 catching me up.  I picked up the pace a bit for the second half, got caught by one of the guys but as I turned up the effort up the final hill the other two dropped out of sight.  The final mile and a bit were down hill through the vineyard on freshly laid tarmac which was probably the fastest mile or so I've ever run- just flying along.  With my eye on my watch, determined to dip below 1:10, I manged to cross line in 8th in a PB of 1:09:40. Result!  One of my aims for this year was to get a top 10 so I'm well chuffed.

The guys at Events to Live got a bit of flack for a race last year where the front runners got lost, but this race was superbly organised with great marshals and consistent route marking.

What was disappointing was my failed attempt to see the Surrey Hills brewery and buy some of their beer.  It seems their not quite set up there yet, and none of the staff know whats going on so left empty handed on the beer front.

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