Monday 27 June 2011

Croydon Ultra Recce

No race this week so my long run took in a scouting expedition of the first leg of the Croydon Ultramarathon plus an extra 10 miles or so from Carshalton.  The course is much more scenic than expected, especially in the rural roads around Warlingham and the White Bear at mile 7 looks like an amazing pub.  There's also some nice little hills along the way, with an unexpected climb just off the main road as you come back into Croydon at around mile 12.    Navigation wise I took one wrong turn that was quickly corrected and missed a turning coming into Croydon that added a bit more distance than I really wanted- especially as the mercury was rising towards 25+ degrees.  All in all good run, my longest training run (ever) at around 25 miles but very hard going in the sun.

I think the question you always ask yourself when your training for a new distance is "could I run another x miles after that?".  Well I think, even in the sun and the heat I could managed another 5 miles on Sunday to make 30.  Another 15 to make 40- well that's another question, I think I'd say maybe but there would certainly be some walking and some pain involved!

Not sure if I'll do another long training run next weekend as its only a week before Croydon, but as the UltraRace Peaks is the ultimate goal I might see if I can manage another long run to keep the distance training up.

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