Saturday 2 July 2011

A change of distance

As it is only a week until the Croydon Ultra I decided not to do another super long training run this week, and for a change head over to Roundshaw Downs Park Run.  To make it fit in more with my ultra training I jogged out there (about 3.5 miles) and after the race ran back via an extended route of 5 miles, so including the race it was a nice 11 or so miles.  The race went pretty well, this is only my third time racing at 5k and I smashed my time for Roundshaw by 50 seconds and my PB for 5km by 10 seconds coming in 6th at 19:35.  I was in 3rd at halfway but as usual I couldn't quite keep up the pace and got passed by 2 guys I had been running in a group with and another guy who ran one hell of a negative split passing all 3 of us in the last 2km.

May go for another run tomorrow, otherwise its time for a bit of a taper ahead of Croydon where, as long as I finish, a PB is guaranteed!  I'm looking forward to the race, my main concern is getting lost and adding too many extra miles to what it already "quite far".

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