Sunday 11 September 2011

Banstead Woods Park Run

Everyone says that Banstead Woods is one of the best Park Runs out there, so I thought I'd check out.  They're right as well it's a good one, there's a few hills, some mud and a great atmosphere with 100+ runners congregating in the woods of a Saturday morning.  With the Greensands Marathon in mind I ran an undulating 5 or so miles there and back to add an extra 10 miles on to the mornings run, but still managed an 'OK' time of 20:29 and 13th place for the park run- despite my warm up being almost twice as long as the race!

Next week they're running an inaugural park run at Nonsuch Park, so as long as I have time to go for along run at another point in the week I might go and check it out.

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