Sunday 30 December 2012

2012; the year that was...

Stats for the year:

Total miles: 1347.9
Total no. of runs: 174
Average distance: 7.75
Average weekly distance: 25.9
No. of races (including xc and parkrun): 23

So then, the last run of the year is over and the stats are in.  Compared to last year I've done slightly less miles over slightly more runs bringing my average distance down from 8.3 to 7.75- but training wise its really been quite a similar year.  I think the non-racing highlight was over the summer where I took advantage of the light evenings and ran a lot of trail miles after work.

Race wise, there are a few highlights that particularly standout.  The National Cross Country Championships at Parliament Hill has to be the most unique start to a race I have taken part in- as over 1500 runners surged up Parliament Hill.  As much as I love the longer stuff cross country does have a special place in my running heart and you don't get a better xc race than the nationals.   The Olmpicnic ultramarathon was definitely my best race of the year both in terms of enjoying the race its self and my performance- it was one of those days where you can feel the training paying off as I started another steep ascent of Box Hill. 

Looking ahead to 2013 the year starts with cross country matches in January and February (including the nationals up in Sunderland), amongst this I need to start ratcheting up the miles ahead of some solid training in late Feb/early March and the South Downs Way 50 in April.  After this I have no particular plans; depending on how I feel after SDW50 I think I'll either have a crack at some more ultras or maybe for a change concentrate on running something shorter as fast as I can.

Happy New Year.

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