Sunday 23 December 2012


This December I've been making a vested effort to haul myself out of bed on a Saturday morning to make it down to a parkrun; and despite the inclement weather I've parkrun'd 3 weeks in a row (Roundshaw, Nonsuch, Roundshaw).  I realise this is what some people do every week of the year, but for me this is somewhat of a record.

Roundshaw Downs is probably my favourite parkrun in the area I've done.  It's got a great atmosphere, a hill and a tendency to be muddy.  I think that's what your after on a Saturday morning.  What is also interesting is that Roundshaw tends to not extract the fastest runners- possible because its far from a PB course.  This means that for runner like me, who like a good muddy hill, it means that finishing in the top 5 is a regular occurance.  First place, however, until recently has always alluded me.

This most recent Saturdays was what you might call a 'perfect storm' for a potential win at Roundshaw.  It was pissing it down and blowing a gale- the perfect weather to keep those lily livered fast runners at home! 

There were only 40 or so at the start and a small group of 5 or so set off from the front.  About half way round the first lap I was in third and as we approached the start of the second lap the guy who was winning pulled out (stomach issues) and I passed the guy in second.  I was now in first place- which came with it a feeling of elation (Yeah! I'm first) and fear (the metaphorical hear to the other runners hounds).  I dug in, ran through the middle of every puddle to keep some kind of racing line, and somehow managed to hold on to this position to win my first ever parkrun.

Now I know that every race has to be taken in context, and winning a parkrun on a wet morning the Saturday before Christmas is very much a context that needs to be taken into account-  but it sod it, it was great!

But do not fear, there's little likelihood of me getting too big for my boots, cross country season starts back up in January where it is always a battle to keep up with the middle of the pack let alone the front! 

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