Thursday 29 December 2011

2012- a year in running

Distance per week

I love a bit of excel geekery when it comes to running stats, so here are some breadsweatandbeers running facts for the year:

Total miles: 1353.68
Total number of runs: 162
Average run distance in miles: 8.36
Average weekly distance: 26
Average number of runs per week: 3.11
Longest run: 40 (Ultrarace Peaks)
Shoretest run: 2
Fastest pace during a race: 06:16 (Roundshaw Parkrun)
Slowest pace during a race:10:25 (Croydon Ultramarathon)

Highlights of the year certainly includes crossing the finishline after 40 miles of the Ultrarace Peaks.  The Greensands marathon was also a great race as were the other Trionium races I did; the Leith Hill half marathon and the Midsummer Munro.  Finishing within the top 10 at the Denbies 10 miler in May was great.

The other highlight of the year was not a race but a training run I did from Carshalton to Box hill along the North Downs way.  I definitely want to get out on some long point to point trail runs next year just for the fun of long runs of the trails and get more used to navigating whilst running.  I've got my eye on a challenge of running from my house to the coast.

The other great thing, running wise, this year was finally joining a running club (Sutton Runners).  Running with faster runners has definitely improved my pace and the social side is good too.  Its also meant I've been able to run in some xc races which I'm hoping to do more of next year.

Low point of the year could be cramping up during the threeforts marathon and going from second place at mile 6 to 22nd at the end.  This said all was forgiven on reaching the finish line and I am considering returning in 2012 to see if I can race the course at a more even pace! Getting lost round South East London during the Croydon Ultra was pretty depressing and almost put me off running long distances all together!

I haven't got too much planned as yet for next year.  Hopefully I'll be running some xc with the club in January and February.  I've signed up for the Box Hill fell race in Jan which I'm also really looking forward to.  Otherwise in terms of races the focus will definitely still be off road, I'd like to do some more trail marathons, maybe 3 forts again but I've also got my eye on the South Downs marathon and Beachy Head marathon.  I'd also like to do a proper fell race in the lake district, maybe the Fairfield horseshoe.

I am however kicking of the year with some flat road running at the Wydonham 10k, who knows how I'll cope without any mud and hills!

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