Wednesday 4 January 2012

Wymondham New Years Day 10k

A-ha!  Yes, you're right, I've been to the great city of 2 Cathedrals and 5 Department stores- Norwich! 
After a New Years eve of relative restraint, but a few beers and much cheese I lined up with around 500 others for the Wymondham New Years day 10k.  Amongst the fellow competitors was my mate Tim whom we were staying with for New Years.  Tim shares both my interest in running and ale, however chooses not to bore the world by writing about it on the Internet. 
The start was along a narrow country lane meaning it was quite a hectic start for the number of competitors, but the field quickly spread out so there wasn't too much jostling going on.  This said a guy over the first few miles who I was running near I'm sure was trying to run me off the road as he held his race line.  The course is, as you would expect in Norfolk, broadly flat but with more inclines than I expected which are mostly in the first and last couple of kilometres. The incline at kilometre 9 was a particularly unwelcome surprise.
I had vague plans to try and run a negative split.  At halfway my time was around 20:30 and I crossed the line in 40:58 (54th place), so I suppose I sort of managed this- although my attempts to speed up in the second half resulted more in not slowing down than anything else.  Tim came in a couple of places and around 17 seconds behind me narrowly missing out on a PB.
So all in all a nice morning out across the rural roads of Norfolk; maybe not the most exciting race of all time but certainly a good way to start the year.

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