Wednesday 17 August 2011

Face Plant!

Went for my last run before the race today. Just 6 miles round Hyde Park on my lunch hour. It was all going well, feeling fine. I was 300 metres from the end of the run- just a small hop over the barrier (about half a foot high) between the path and the pavement in St James’ Park...

Caught my foot on it and face planted into the pavement. Luckily I used my chin to catch my fall! Even better I was wearing a white running shirt which meant I was pretty soon looking like an extra from Dawn of the Dead with blood spread across my shirt [as an aside only one person asked me if I was OK]. Most of the injuries were grazes but my chin had quite a lump taken out of it so I ended up in A&E for a clean-up and a stitch to hold it together.

You know what I was thinking most of the way through all this. Phew, no twisted ankle, don't think I've pulled a muscle, should be able to run- and my first question to the doctor once they'd finished patching me up; can I run on Sunday?

All being well, the peaks dream is still alive! Now then, where did I put my pride?

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