Sunday 28 August 2011

Post peaks recovery

Recovery from the Peaks last week been good so far.  Had Monday off work to recover but felt fine, was properly tired on Tuesday, ran 2 miles on Wednesday, 4.5 on Friday and 7.5 today.  Just taking it easy.  Still finding myself thinking about that wrong turn last week and how different the race would have been, but heh it's all running (I think the great Killian Journet who won UTMB yesterday says of wrong turns- more miles equals more fun).

Still not sure what my next race'll be.  I'm seriously considering Greensands marathon, but there's also the Surrey Badger half, which'll put less pressure on training for the distance.  I've also got this idea about running all the park runs in the area (and inbetween) in one go, but that will take a bit more research and preparation...

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