Sunday 7 August 2011

Back to back drinking (and some running)

Whilst the last two weekends have sun back to back long training runs, this week was somewhat less focused on running, and more on beer.

Tuesday saw speed training with the club (14x200m) and Thursday a brisk 6.5miles round Hyde Park, but Friday was all about the Beer Festival...

Highlights this year included a very strongly flavoured Stout/Porter from the Spectrum brewery in Norfolk called 'Old Stoatwarbler' (6.0%), a surprisingly good ginger flavored beer- subtle rather than over the top -from Portsmouth (Bowmans's South Sea Spice (3.9%)).  My favourite was probably Dancing Duck's 'Gold' (4.7%) a hoppy IPA- influenced by the ultra hoppy IPAs of the States but still with the more British real ale taste.  Also had a half of Surrey Hill's Shere Drop, which was as always fantastic.

The next day saw more drinking meeting up with mates from Uni (mainly Tribute) and no running.

I did managed to get out today for a undulating 14 mile run and felt surprisingly strong and ran the whole thing pretty fast.  Feel absolutely rubbish now though!

2 weeks to go till my first proper ultra...

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